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Governor-General of India


Governors-General and Viceroys of India, 1858-1947

NameBeganEndedThe Viscount Canning
from 1859, the Earl Canning1 November 185821 March 1862The Earl of Elgin21 March 186220 November 1863Sir Robert Napier
21 November 18632 December 1863Sir William Denison
2 December 186312 January 1864Sir John Lawrence12 January 186412 January 1869The Earl of Mayo12 January 18698 February 1872Sir John Strachey
9 February 187223 February 1872The Lord Napier
24 February 18723 May 1872The Lord Northbrook3 May 187212 April 1876The Lord Lytton12 April 18768 June 1880The Marquess of Ripon8 June 188013 December 1884The Earl of Dufferin13 December 188410 December 1888The Marquess of Lansdowne10 December 188811 October 1894The Earl of Elgin11 October 18946 January 1899The Lord Curzon of Kedleston6 January 189918 November 1905The Earl of Minto18 November 190523 November 1910The Lord Hardinge of Penshurst23 November 19104 April 1916The Lord Chelmsford4 April 19162 April 1921The Earl of Reading2 April 19213 April 1926The Lord Irwin3 April 192618 April 1931The Earl of Willingdon18 April 193118 April 1936The Marquess of Linlithgow18 April 19361 October 1943The Viscount Wavell1 October 194321 February 1947The Viscount Mountbatten of Burma21 February 194715 August 1947

Governors-General of India, 1947-1950

NameBeganEndedThe Viscount Mountbatten of Burma15 August 1947June 1948Chakravarthi RajagopalachariJune 194825 January 1950

Governors-General of Pakistan, 1947-1958

NameBeganEndedMohammad Ali Jinnah15 August 194711 September 1948Khwaja Nazimuddin14 September 194817 October 1951Ghulam Mohammad17 October 19516 October 1955Iskander Mirza6 October 195523 March 1956

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